Social Science Colloquium

The CRGE Social Science Colloquium was established in fall 2020. Intended to be held approximately 3-5 times per semester, it is coordinated by the Center for Research & Graduate Education. It is a forum where DKU graduate students and faculty members from various social science backgrounds present their research ideas or ongoing research. The colloquium wishes to foster high-quality English language research that is relevant, original, innovative and based on methodologically sound research designs. Either predominantly empirical or theoretical, projects are meant to significantly contribute to international debates and research programs – or introduce novel perspectives on their own. Each colloquium lasts approximately 90 minutes. The English language will be used exclusively for texts admitted for discussion, the colloquium gatherings and all correspondence. If there is a critical mass of interested participants after a face-to-face colloquium, there is the possibility of gathering in an off-campus establishment to socialize and further discuss the topic and other projects more informally.

All DKU graduate (i.e. MA, plus fourth year BA) students, faculty members and alumni with a social science background are authorized to participate. Participation is mandatory for all active DKU Affiliate Research Fellows with a social science background. If you are interested in a presenter or discussant role for a future colloquium event, please contact us at Occasionally, external speakers are invited to present. Please inform us if you are interested in joining the Colloquium as a guest - or if you are eligible but currently not on the Colloquium mailing list. Below on this page you can find an archive with Colloquia programs of past semesters.

Dear participants and interested parties in the CRGE Social Science Colloquium. During this 2021 winter semester, the Colloquium starts again on 23 September. Most colloquium events during this semester will be offline at DKU. The first event on 23 September will be in an off-Campus location with food and drinks provided, to celebrate the first offline colloquium event ever. If you are eligible for participation but currently not on the Colloquium mailing list, please connect with us at We look forward to seeing you again!

Year Semester Date of publication Download
2021 Summer semester 2021-04-05 Read online / Download
2020 Winter semester 2021-01-01 Read online / Download