Forthcoming and most recent Events:

Since fall 2020, the Centre for Research & Graduate Education (CRGE) of Kazakh-German University (DKU) has facilitated a range of activities. It develops and organizes events which support faculty, students and young scholars within and outside the DKU as they build and improve their academic writing and research skills - both online and face-to-face. To achieve this objective, we have developed a partnership with the Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs, with whom we jointly organize a number of courses for early career researchers. We also offer methods classes. In tandem with the DAAD Information Centre Almaty, the CRGE leads training workshops on “Doing a PhD in Germany.” These are usually held alternately in Almaty and Nur-Sultan annually or biennially. The CRGE helps foster research particularly in the social sciences and contributes to the development and maintenance of research cooperation with other academic institutions in Central Asia and beyond. It also runs the Social Science Colloquium. In addition, it organizes the DKU Affiliate Research Fellows Program, which provides the opportunity for scholars from other universities to come to Almaty as visiting researchers to enrich the DKU community. Moreover, the Centre publishes the DKU Occasional Papers series. It is an institutional member of the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions. Check out the links for further information and be sure to sign up for our updates if you are interested in what we do!